6 Tips to Keep an Office Cool in the Summer

14 December 2018
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A summer heatwave can send office temperatures soaring, irritating employees and lowering productivity throughout the organisation. To help workers keep their cool this summer, follow these six top tips. 1. Block Direct Sunlight When sun shines on office windows, the effect is like that of a greenhouse. The easiest way to keep your office cool without spending money is to install blinds that block direct sunlight. Slatted blinds are a good choice, as they allow reflected light to enter while blocking the sun's hot rays. Read More 

4 Things to Look Into When Choosing a Wood Heater for Your Home

11 October 2018
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Homeowners are constantly looking for new and efficient ways of adding warmth to their living spaces, and manufacturers of home heating appliances are constantly striving to meet this need. If you're considering warming up your home interiors with a wood heater, you can easily be astounded by the sheer number of options available for you to pick from. Whichever option you choose, you'll want to ensure it is the best one.  Read More 

The Ticking, the Clanking and the Leaking: 3 Signs That Your Commercial Air Conditioner Condenser Is Failing

3 May 2018
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The compressor is perhaps the most crucial part of your commercial air conditioning system. It turns the liquid refrigerant into cool air for the whole building. The compressor often goes out with a whimper rather than with a bang; it slowly decreases in function until it finally stops completely. Fortunately, this means that you'll usually have time to spot the signs of failure well before you have to shut down operations mid-day due to an air conditioner outage. Read More 

Surprising Ways Commercial Air Conditioning Improves Your Working Environment

26 March 2018
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Is your workplace currently experiencing the benefits of commercial air conditioning? Whether you're managing a new venture or you're upgrading your office, a new air conditioning installation could have a surprising impact on the way your business operates. From an increase in productivity to less pollution, there are lots of reasons to install a new HVAC system.   Ambient temperatures could increase productivity Did you know that feeling too hot has a negative impact on your ability to concentrate? Read More 


29 January 2018
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Tired of your food getting spoilt after storing it for a few days? Refrigeration and cool rooms are the most effective ways of storing and preserving food. Due to the evolution of technology over the years, refrigeration and cool rooms have become widely used, not only in urban set-ups but rural ones alike. Refrigeration and cool room preserve food by cooling it down to freezing temperatures in which the bacteria that causes food to rot can't survive in. Read More