Types of Air Conditioners

17 October 2019
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Thinking of buying a new air conditioner? Well, you have made the right decision. Air conditioning is one of the most important systems to have in your home. But how can you find the best one for your lifestyle or home? We have compiled a list of the main types of air conditioners that you should consider.

1. Ductless air conditioner

A ductless air conditioner is a viable cooling system for homeowners who do not have ductwork in their homes. Homeowners use them as they look for a more permanent cooling solution. A ductless air conditioner consists of several central air conditioning systems that you can install on the interior of your house walls. 

When compared to the other types of air conditioners, a ductless cooling system is ideal for small and old houses. They are commonly known for cooling only one room, although modern ones can cool multiple rooms at once.

2. Portable air conditioners

Many people consider the portable air conditioners to be the next generation of cooling systems, after the window air conditioners. The units draw warm air from the surroundings, cool it, and then direct it back to the house. The unit contains several vents and an exhaust hose that facilitate the exit of the cooled air. 

Portable air conditioners are easy to install; they are versatile and are affordable. Manufacturers design them to cool a single room at a time, meaning you should rotate it to different rooms if need be.

3. Window air conditioner

As its name suggests, a window air conditioner is fitted in a window opening. It is probably the least costly air conditioner and installing it is quite simple, especially when done by an expert. To maximum performance, you should seal the conditioner in place to stop air leakages. A window air conditioner is only ideal for cooling one room.

4. Split air conditioners

 A split air conditioner has only two parts. The first one is the indoor unit, and the second is the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit stays outside the room, and it consists of an expansion valve, a condenser and a compressor. The indoor unit contains a cooling fan and an evaporator. A split air conditioner is more energy-efficient than most air conditioning systems, and this is its main benefit. Besides that, you can also use it in one or two rooms.

There are many types of air conditioners, and thus, your choice depends on your budget, your location's climate, and of course, your personal preferences. If you need a temporary installation, the portable conditioning system will be the best for you. And if you need the permanent cooling system, all the other options will be ideal. For more information on air conditioning systems, contact an HVAC contractor in your area.