4 Things to Look Into When Choosing a Wood Heater for Your Home

11 October 2018
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Homeowners are constantly looking for new and efficient ways of adding warmth to their living spaces, and manufacturers of home heating appliances are constantly striving to meet this need. If you're considering warming up your home interiors with a wood heater, you can easily be astounded by the sheer number of options available for you to pick from. Whichever option you choose, you'll want to ensure it is the best one. 

Here are a number of important things to consider when selecting a wood heater for your abode.

Heating Capacity

You obviously want a wood heater that can warm up your living space with ease, so the first and perhaps most important factor to consider when shopping for one is the required heating capacity. A smaller size unit won't be effective at keeping you warm, while a larger size unit can easily become uncomfortable if it supplies excessive heat. Wood heaters are available for small, medium and large rooms and typically come in different sizes indicated in square feet of the space the appliance will heat. However, the performance of a particular wood heater size may vary from home to home, depending on home-specific factors like the location of the home, the local climate, and other factors such as the efficiency of existing insulation.

Heating Type

Wood heaters are available as free-standing units, inbuilt heaters, insert heaters, fan-forced heaters, and pellet heaters. What you choose should depend on the requirements of your home. If you are looking to make the most of your small living space, an inbuilt wood heater would be perfect choice for saving floor space. If you want almost smoke-free heating, a wood pellet heater would be the ideal choice for you, as the wood pellets used in this heater produce little to no smoke.

Heating Style 

The different types of wood heaters available out there deliver heat in different ways. Convention heaters warm up a room by drawing in cool air and supplying heated air through the air cavities located outside of the firebox. Radiant heaters, on the other hand, provide heat by sending it out in all directions through radiation. Convention heaters are ideal for small to medium size living areas, while radiant heaters are best for large rooms or open plan living spaces. Factor in the size and layout of your living space when selecting a suitable heater. 

House Interior Design

In this day and age, many homeowners value aesthetics. Do you like the simplicity of a traditional style wood heater or are you more into modern-looking things? Whatever your tastes and preferences, choose a heater that will blend in nicely with your interior home design. 

If you require any assistance when it comes to choosing the right wood heater for your home, feel free to contact a heater installation professional.