Surprising Ways Commercial Air Conditioning Improves Your Working Environment

26 March 2018
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Is your workplace currently experiencing the benefits of commercial air conditioning? Whether you're managing a new venture or you're upgrading your office, a new air conditioning installation could have a surprising impact on the way your business operates. From an increase in productivity to less pollution, there are lots of reasons to install a new HVAC system.  

Ambient temperatures could increase productivity

Did you know that feeling too hot has a negative impact on your ability to concentrate? If your employees are too warm, their bodies will attempt to thermoregulate by making them sweat. Unfortunately, this means using a lot of glucose.

Much like when any person's blood sugar is low, they'll then find it difficult to concentrate. Multiple factors play into this, including fatigue and the need for the human brain to use a lot of glucose. To make sure your employees benefit from maximum cognitive functioning, use commercial air conditioning to maintain a temperature of 19 to 25 degrees.

Happy employees have better relationships

According to psychologist Craig Anderson, those who operate in hot environments become uncomfortable to the extent that they experience:

  • Irritability
  • Disproportionate reactions to minor situations
  • A negative mood state

Naturally, all of the above can lead to poor interactions between your employees. When everyone is trying to make decisions in a setting where the heat is blocking their ability to stay positive, they will struggle to interact with each other. If your current HVAC system is out-of-date and you can't regulate your workplace temperatures, a new air conditioning installation could enhance workplace relations too. 

You reduce indoor pollution

Depending on the HVAC system you choose, you could encourage fresh air to move into your working environment. Traditional air conditioners don't achieve this, which means you have to rely on opening windows to draw in clearer air. However, with a commercial air conditioning system that filters the air and attracts fresh oxygen from outside, you can reduce indoor pollution.

Much like having the right workplace temperature, reducing indoor pollution can enhance productivity. When your employees receive better air flow, they carry less carbon dioxide, which then increases their ability to concentrate. If you feel as though a new air conditioning installation is due, ask a professional to assess your current system and grab an upgrade accordingly.

With the right approach, commercial air conditioning can give your business a productivity boost. If you're ready to alter how your employees operate, consider upgrading your system.