29 January 2018
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Tired of your food getting spoilt after storing it for a few days? Refrigeration and cool rooms are the most effective ways of storing and preserving food. Due to the evolution of technology over the years, refrigeration and cool rooms have become widely used, not only in urban set-ups but rural ones alike.

Refrigeration and cool room preserve food by cooling it down to freezing temperatures in which the bacteria that causes food to rot can't survive in. The reduction in optimal temperature causes the bacteria to be inactive thus preventing food from rotting. Due to the high effectiveness of refrigeration, various technological developments have resulted in the development of various types of refrigerators. Some of them include:

Types of Refrigeration

Non-Cycle Refrigeration

This method is highly used in portable coolers. It utilises dry ice or the sublimation process so as to maintain the temperature below freezing point. This method can be used in keeping products such as ice creams cool so as to prevent melting.

Cyclic Refrigeration

This is a method where a medium is utilised to absorb heat from the refrigerant and expel the heat through a heat sink. Vapour and gas are mostly used to achieve cooling in this method.  This method is used in home refrigerators and coolers.

Thermoelectric Refrigeration

This method incorporates the use of thermoelectric cooling which creates a flux allowing heat to be transferred to the cooling medium. It is mostly used in portable coolers and in cooling electronics.

Magnetic Refrigeration

This method is utilised on magnetic refrigerants such as paramagnetic salt. The refrigerant is magnetised and demagnetised causing it to lower its entropy levels. This causes the heat to be lost through a heatsink.


Preservation of Food

Refrigeration and cool room store food under freezing temperatures thus preventing food from getting spoilt. This allows food to be stored for an extended amount of time.

Cooling Drinks

We often turn to our refrigerators for a cool and soothing drink during a hot day. The cool temperature adds to the flavour and lowers our body temperature to a comfortable level.

Storage of Food

The huge space provided by our refrigerators are convenient for the storage of food and perishable goods. This allows you to fully stock your refrigerator with groceries without you having to frequently go for them.

Investing in a preferred refrigeration system will ensure your much-needed food does not go to waste but rather is preserved.