Why Have a Professional Contractor Inspect and Maintain Your Commercial Air Conditioner?

16 May 2016
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When it comes to the air conditioner you have installed in your office or other such commercial space, you may know how to change the filters yourself or have a maintenance technician do this for you. However, it's good to have a professional contractor inspect and maintain the system on a regular basis, as they can often perform tasks that are outside your skill set or the ability of a standard maintenance person. Note a few of those here and why they're so important for keeping your unit in good working order.

1. Verify proper refrigerant levels

Typically a professional air conditioner repairperson needs to verify the refrigerant levels of your air conditioner, as this is often tested by the pressure in the reservoir that holds the refrigerant and not by simply looking at some type of gauge. If the refrigerant is low, a professional technician can add more material, but if it's too high, this can put pressure on the condenser and a technician needs to safely vent this refrigerant.

2. Finding ductwork leaks

A professional contractor can check for ductwork leaks that can be causing your air conditioner to work overtime in order to blow cool air through your entire building. These leaks can be difficult to find by someone who is not trained to look for them, as they may be small and may be located in an area that is not readily seen. A technician will have the tools needed to note a loss of air circulation in certain areas and can also check for noises that indicate a ductwork leak so you can get these addressed as soon as possible.

3. Cleaning the drain and other parts

Virtually anyone can clean the outside of a central air conditioner's condenser unit and even open up the front and clean the fan blades, but cleaning the drain lines and drain pan and other such parts requires a bit more technical knowhow. The drain lines may need to be disconnected from the unit to be cleaned, so they need to be reconnected properly. Bearings and other parts may need slight lubrication to keep functioning properly, whereas too much lubrication can mean oil getting into the system. A technician will know how to clean and lubricate the bearings, fan blades, and other parts safely and properly, and also know how to take apart and reconnect those parts for cleaning as well.

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