Leaking Air Ducts? What Dangers Do They Present?

10 May 2016
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Your air ducts are leaking. This isn't just a bad thing for your air conditioning unit, but also for your business and your customers. Here are the main dangers of leaking ducts in commercial air conditioning.

Mould Passes Throughout the Building

One of the biggest dangers of leaking air ducts is the risk of mould spreading throughout the building. If air can get out, mould particles can and will get in. The mould forms because of excess condensation and dampness, so anybody with leaking air ducts are at risk. The air conditioning unit will spread the mould throughout the system, releasing through vents into other parts of the building.

Likewise, pollutants are more likely to pass around the building. Like mould particles, the pollutants get into the system and come out through the vents. The health of you, your employees and your customers is at risk.

Refrigerant Gets Into the Building

When the unit starts leaking refrigerant, there is even more of a health risk. The substance can damage the health, leading to nausea and headaches. Some more serious health problems could include dizziness, unconsciousness and excessive coughing.

You're not just putting yourself at risk. By using it while it leaks refrigerant or by not getting the leak fixed even without using it, you're putting your employees and customers at risk. You could find yourself liable for health bills and treatment.

Costs You More Money

The air conditioner won't work efficiently, which means it costs you more money to have it running while leaking. This is how many people realise that there is a leak somewhere. According to Build, it costs the same as running a vehicle for six months as it does to have just 1kg of the most common refrigerant leaking into the air.

You will also need to spend more money fixing the system, especially if you continue to use it while leaking. There is more risk of damaging other elements of your unit because of water or mould damage. Other elements are also put under more pressure, meaning they can't work efficiently.

It is essential that you get your commercial air conditioner fixed as soon as possible. There are dangers, whether it is leaking water or refrigerant. Not only are you putting the business under more financial stress, but you are putting the health of people around you and yourself at risk.

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