Where to place the vents to your ducted heating system

9 May 2016
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Ducted heating is an excellent heating option for your home if you wish to have one system to heat many different areas of your home at the same time. Ducted heating systems are particularly adapted for large houses, but can be used in smaller houses with many different spaces as well. In order to install a ducting heating system, there are many things you need to consider. However, one of the most important decisions you have to make before installing the heating system is where you wish your ducts to be vented.


As most people prefer to place their central heating unit in the attic to avoid having to hear the noise it creates, that's also where you need to plan your ducts to run from. As they will be running from the ceiling, it might seem logical to also place the vents in the ceilings of the different rooms where you want your heating system to reach. This is the simplest placement if you do have your central heater installed in the attic. It might, however, be less effective than other placements, as heat rises upwards, meaning that a lot of the heat coming from the vents will stay close to the ceiling without circulating in the room. To prevent this, you might have to invest in ceiling fans as a supplement to your heating system to get the warm air circulating through the rooms.


You could also place your vents in the walls of the different rooms you wish your ducted heating system to reach. The main advantage of this placement is that you have a lot of space to choose where you wish to place the vent to make it as discreet and useful as possible. Placing the vents on the walls also makes it easier for the warm air to circulate through the room. You do, however need to have quite a lot of space between the walls to fit the ducts.


Vents placed on the floors are the most effective when it comes to heating your rooms up. The warm air will rise from the floor and naturally rise towards the ceiling, meaning it will warm the entire room up at the same time. The downside of placing the vents on the floors is that it will take more ducting material to achieve if you have your heater placed in the attic. It can also be rather difficult to find a space on your floors to place the vents where they aren't very visible and where they also aren't being blocked by furniture.