Tips for building a new home in a hot climate

3 May 2016
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Many factors need to be considered when designing a new house; perhaps one of the most important is the climate of the region in which it is going to be built. For those who intend to build in an area where the temperatures are consistently high, it's worth investing in some features which will make the sweltering heat more tolerable. The ones discussed in this article have a relatively high initial outlay, but can actually increase the value of your property and so should viewed as investments. 

Install central air conditioning

Portable air conditioning units certainly have their place in any house located in a hot climate. They're inexpensive, easy to move around and useful for reducing the temperature in small rooms. However, they do present some problems; in addition to being quite bulky-looking, they tend to produce a lot of noise and are not very effective at cooling larger spaces.

For those who can afford to spend a little bit more, a ducted air-conditioning system is an excellent alternative. In addition to being far quieter and more efficient than their portable counterparts, ducted systems enable you to keep your entire property air conditioned, regardless of the size of the house, and will not have a negative impact on the aesthetics of each room, as the only part which will be visible is the system's grill.

Build an outdoor swimming pool

A dip in an outdoor pool is one of the most effective ways to cool down on a hot day. Installing a pool can also significantly increase the value of your property; this is a luxury feature which is likely to boost the number of buyers interested in your property, if or when you decide to sell. However as points out, this is only true if you take into consideration the size of the garden in which you will be building it; the pool must be in proportion with its surroundings.

Opt for tiled flooring

Whilst thick-pile carpets are wonderful in colder regions, adding warmth and a cosy appearance to homes, they are far less practical for those living in hot climates. A more sensible and aesthetically pleasing alternative is tiled flooring; this will keep your home comfortably cool when the temperatures rise. Furthermore, this type of flooring is highly durable and provided you opt for classic colours, has a timeless appeal, which will retain its beauty for decades.