How to Get Your Home Ready For Summer

26 April 2016
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When the seasons change and summer is on its way, it's not all about bathing suits and beaches and cold poolside drinks. You also need to get your house ready for the increase in temperatures. Here are some things that will help get your house ready for the summer heat.

Upgrade Your Cooling System

If you have been using a window or portable air conditioner, now is the perfect time to upgrade to a new system. While it may cost more of an investment for central air or even a split-air ductless air conditioning system, it will be well worth it. In the long run, your home is more comfortable and you don't have to try and cool off one room at a time with a portable air conditioner. With split air systems, ducts don't need to be installed, so they are a little more affordable and can be installed faster. However, central air systems are among the highest quality systems and provide cool air throughout your entire home.

Bring in Air-Cleaning Houseplants

During the summer season, adding more fresh air can help to reduce your allergies and handle the change in temperatures. You might not have the windows open as often during extra hot days since you will rely on your air conditioning system. By having houseplants like spider plants and English ivy plants, you can clean the air and experience better oxygen with fresher indoor air. Just be careful to treat the inside of your home for pests so the plants don't attract insects.

Make Sure All Gaps Are Closed

In order to have an HVAC system that works properly, you need to make sure no air escapes while it is operating. You can do this by inspecting your home for any potential cracks or gaps and repairing them. Check closely around your windows and doors, as this is a common place to have gaps. You will need to add caulk in these gaps, as well as any cracks around your home's structure. Don't forget to look for gaps near the top of your walls close to the ceiling and at the bottom where you have trim or crown moulding.

Repair and Seal the Driveway

If you have a driveway made of concrete or asphalt, it needs to have any cracks repaired and be sealed. These materials have a tendency to crack during hot weather, which is worsened if they already have hairline cracks. Fill all cracks with driveway filler according to the type of material. Use a squeegee to even it out after filling the crack, then make sure it dries completely. Wash the entire driveway surface and follow it with a thin layer of sealant.